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BUILDING PRODUCTS is always working in the new Product Developments, following the customer requirements but always keeping in mind the safest constructions. When the product is under development we look for every single detail such as, the best suitable raw material (wood / MDF / metal), the painting material, the hardware, the packaging with safe protections to avoid damages in the produts and so on.

Our techinal team has a great knowledge about furniture projects and once the product is ready, the AUTO CAD drawings are supplied to the factory. Before starting the mass production, one sample is required for final adjustments.

We also keep in mind the best supplier for each product, which results in the best price offers, delivery dates and really safe products with high quality standard.

BUILDING PRODUCTS BRASIL is also doing the Production Follow Up and Quality Control all over China and Vietnam. We are not only doing the final quality control but our team, is constantly visiting the factories to follow up the production and support the suppliers adjusting the details before the product is packed. Before loading our QC team is doing the Final Quality Control and in case still find mistakes, the factory is obligated to open the carton boxes and double check the quality, following the quality standard discussed and agreed at the begnining of the process.
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